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Adidas wants to block trademark to protect intellectual property

Trademarks are often useful in allowing Michigan consumers and potential consumers to recognize certain brands and products. This type of intellectual property is often closely guarded by trademark holders, and if another company or entity attempts to use that trademark or something similar, it could lead to disputes. In some cases, if initial actions to block use do not prove effective, litigation could take place.

It was recently reported that Adidas has filed an opposition in hopes of preventing a university from obtaining a trademark for an image. The image at the center of the dispute involves three bands that create a black-red-black striped pattern. Adidas believes that the three-striped image is too similar to their trademarked design, which also contains three stripes.

Alternative dispute resolution requested in business lawsuit

When Michigan businesses face accusations from other companies, clients or customers regarding their products or business operations, it can cause costly delays and other complications. Because companies often want to avoid business litigation when possible, they may attempt to utilize alternative dispute resolution instead. However, this type of resolution is not always automatically accepted.

One business in another state recently filed a motion with a court to compel mediation in a lawsuit that was filed against the company. Reports stated that a man and woman filed the suit against the security system providers, claiming that the system failed to properly notify police of a break-in. As a result, the burglars were able to find and take a safe that was hidden inside the couple's closet.

eBay vs. Amazon in business litigation over seller poaching

Businesses need to pay attention to a number of factors if they hope to continue their success. As a result, when it appears that another company is trying to interfere with one of those aspects, drastic action -- like business litigation -- may be needed. Any type of business interference can prove immensely damaging, and taking steps to put an end to such interference could help limit harm.

Michigan readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed by online auction site eBay against Amazon. According to reports, eBay filed the suit alleging that Amazon representatives used the auction site's member-to-member messaging service to lure sellers of eBay into going to Amazon. The lawsuit claims that this unlawful "poaching" has been going on for years.

LaCroix facing business litigation alleging synthetic ingredients

Many companies work hard to make their products appealing while also ensuring quality. However, some consumers could find issue with certain products and feel misled for one reason or another. In such cases, it is possible for companies to face lawsuits from disgruntled customers, and handling the business litigation can prove time-consuming and difficult.

Michigan residents may be interested in a class-action lawsuit that was recently brought against sparkling water brand LaCroix. The brand and its parent company Natural Beverages claim that the ingredients used in the sparkling water drinks are all natural. However, some consumers believe that the ingredients used are actually synthetic and that the companies are providing false information to consumers. The claim goes on to state that the drinks contain linalool, which is apparently an artificial ingredient that can be found in insecticide.

Restaurant owners pursue business litigation over trade secrets

To thrive in any industry, business owners often need to take steps to set their establishments apart from others. These steps may include having specific ways of running the business or offering customers unique experiences. When another company starts offering similar experiences and directly infringes on a business's trade secrets or other information, business litigation could result.

Michigan readers may find such a case in another state of interest. Reports indicated that the dispute involves the owners of a taco restaurant and their former business partner, who has created his own taco restaurant. The owners of the first company believe that the former partner has used trade secrets to operate his business and has even utilized the same theme as the first establishment, which is Day of the Dead. Photos comparing the two restaurants both show the use of skeletons as part of the decor.

Papa John's facing business litigation after Schnatter files suit

Everyone involved in a company's operations do not always get along. Sometimes, various individuals in positions of power, such as those on the board of directors, may come in conflict with each other over the running of the business. When this happens, it is possible for business litigation to take place in order to address the issues.

Michigan residents may be interested in this type of scenario currently involving Papa John's pizza. Reports indicated that a lawsuit has been filed by the company's founder, biggest shareholder and former chairman of the board, John Schnatter. Schnatter has apparently grown concerned that the board of directors and the company's CEO are harming the business due to their "breaches of duties" when it comes to business operations.

Energy companies ordered to alternative dispute resolution

Many business endeavors end up in some type of conflict. Often, litigation comes about in hopes of having the problems resolved, but there are instances in which alternative dispute resolution, like mediation, may be a viable option for reaching settlements without court hearings. Michigan business owners may find such options useful if they hope to reach terms more quickly.

It was recently reported that two companies in another state have been ordered to continue with mediation rather than going through litigation. Reports stated that the problem revolves around an option-to-purchase agreement and the ability of one company to build an electrical generation plant next to a plant owned by a second company. The second company reportedly owns the land that the first company wants to build on and does not want to allow the construction because it may use the land in the future.

Business litigation common after claims of discrimination

Running a business comes with many risks. Often, bigger companies come under intense scrutiny, and it is not uncommon for business litigation to take place for a variety of reasons. In particular, companies can face claims from employees or former employees alleging discrimination or other unfair treatment in the workplace.

Michigan readers may be interested in this type of lawsuit currently involving Nike. Reportedly, two women have filed claims against the company due to purported discrimination and sexual harassment. A spokesperson for the company stated that discrimination was not condoned and that Nike is committed to inclusion and diversity. Additional comment from the company was not provided in the report, but it was noted that several Nike executives had left the company earlier in the year due to similar claims.

How to protect your business trade secrets

In today’s highly mobile and competitive world, employees are often moving between companies within the same industry. The news is often reporting high-profile theft of important data from a company or the loss of key employees to competitors. A “trade secret” is any formula, pattern, device or compilation of information which is used in a business and is unknown to others.

This form of intellectual property is designed to be secret so a business has an economic advantage over competitors. Because technology continues to advance, it has become easier than ever for employees to take and reveal confidential information to current and former employers. As a business owner, it is important to know how you can protect your trade secrets from exposure. 

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