Guidance For Interacting With Employees

How a company interacts with the people it employs, including employees and independent contractors, is the central way that a business connects to the surrounding community. Whether you run a factory that supports an entire region or a small mom-and-pop grocery store, you do not want to go into an employment law situation without protection.


In opening your business, you likely did not think much about hiring people; you simply hired those you trusted. But as businesses grow, the need for setting administrative standards becomes unavoidable. Our firm can help you create an employee handbook, set workplace standards and advise you on other employment procedures so you can build a thriving working community while protecting your company from liability.

Contracts And Nondisclosure Agreements

All successful businesses have learned important lessons that gave them an edge. Success breeds growth, and that growth meant you had to teach your employees what you learned. We can advise you on how to build attractive yet frugal contracts that bring employees in, as well as nondisclosure agreements that will protect your trade secrets and intellectual property.

Employment Disputes

When a contract is not enough to protect what you have built, R.D. Brown, PLC, has a reputation spanning two decades of vigorously protecting our clients' interests. In addition to contract violations, we are able to take the lead on other disputes between workers and management. Our dedication to speed and discretion on these matters is appreciated by all parties.

Our firm remains focused on advising employers on sustainable business practices, but will also take on select employee cases from time to time.


Harassment and discrimination are serious charges. Our practice has worked with management to defend against claims and with workers filing them. Our focus is ensuring that justice is served with compassionate tact and efficiency.

Protecting Employers And Employees

R.D. Brown, PLC, is a firm dedicated to helping businesses work through sensitive employment law matters. Ensuring that you have a strong, productive workplace will make your future growth all the more sweet. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with a lawyer and learn more about how our focus on employer-employee relations can benefit you. You can reach our Saline, Michigan, office at 734-887-6497 or use our Contact page to get in touch with our attorney.