Coordinating Tax Concerns

Taxes are unavoidable, and we at R.D. Brown, PLC, are not going to try and tell you otherwise. We are a vital part of your team, which likely also includes banks, your accountants and the IRS, in understanding tax situations and liabilities. We prioritize open and free communication between every part of your business team to achieve your goals at tax time.

For over two decades, Michigan companies have used our firm to assist them in confronting any tax concern. Our attorneys do not work in a vacuum. We actively solicit input from banks, your accountants and the IRS to establish and maintain a high standard for your tax needs.

The Two Features Of Tax Law

When considering a lawyer for assistance with your taxes, you should have a baseline understanding of the two main areas of tax law in relation to businesses and corporations. They are:

  • Tax business accounting: This is not simply about planning liability; it's about understanding all the points of tax law. This is a vital piece of creating a business, and it goes far beyond limited liability status. We work with you, your bank and your accountant to form goals and priorities to ensure that your business is not going to cause you tax problems in the future. We ensure that everyone working on your business is on the same page.
  • Tax disputes: If your business is subject to an audit or faces accusations of tax improprieties, you have the option to dispute. Tax litigation can be difficult, but if you are facing charges, you can appeal the decision of the IRS, and we will guide you through this process.

Tax law is complicated, no matter which area you are dealing with. You want a lawyer who has the experience to manage your tax case and a dedication to keeping you informed.

Communication And Experience Make A Difference

R.D. Brown, PLC, has built a reputation for a comprehensive, client-focused approach to handling the intricate details of tax law. We keep all the necessary parties informed and seek solutions that are creative and practical. Contact us at our Saline office for a free initial consultation by calling 734-887-6497 or using our email form.