Tailored Legal Representation

Not every business challenge is the same, and not every business challenge will be resolved in the same way. Whether you need a litigator, a mediator or an arbiter, at our Saline, Michigan, law firm, R.D. Brown can step in to protect your rights and help you meet your business goals. We are committed to protecting the health of your business through strong and proactive legal representation.

Out-Of-State Cases

If you are an out-of-state business with a local interest in Michigan, our firm can handle your legal matter. Similarly, if you are being sued in Michigan, we can represent you and help defend you against potentially damaging claims.

A Full Range Of Business Representation

Whether you need help with contracts, an intellectual property claim or another legal issue involving business in Michigan, our firm has the depth of experience and knowledge to help your claim come to a successful resolution.

Forum Selection Cases

Our firm provides outside representation for cases that select Michigan courts as their venue for resolution. Contact us to learn how we can best represent your business interests.

Call To Learn How We Can Help

Our firm provides comprehensive and experienced representation for a wide range of business needs. We are ready to represent your case, whether you are seeking litigation, mediation or arbitration. To schedule your free initial consultation at our Saline, Michigan, office, call 734-887-6497 or write to us online for more information.