Crossing State And International Borders

Whenever goods cross a border, whether it is a state line or an international boundary, there are legal implications on those goods, tariffs to be assessed and regulations to be followed. For over two decades R.D. Brown, PLC, has been helping smooth out the details for our clients who work with companies across state and international borders. We provide comprehensive legal service to clients working with countries from Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as across the United States.

The Benefit Of Experience

With our long track record of managing our clients' concerns all over the world, we have an understanding of international trends and law that makes a real impact on your bottom line. In any import/export action, there will be many concerns such as:

  • Government regulations: Every government has its own demands for compliance, whether it is Detroit, Moldova, London or India. Our experience working with locations all over the world gives us the flexibility to research and address compliance wherever you need it.
  • Trade agreements: Knowing how various trade agreements throughout the world interact with one another can make or break an international deal. Put our knowledge and preparation to work for you.
  • Brokers: Brokers make sure things get into a country easily and efficiently. Our work with brokers all over the world makes us a trusted source in helping you get your goods where they need to be.

You want to have confidence in the attorneys managing your international importing and exporting affairs. Our law firm has the experience you can rely on.

Comprehensive Legal Advice For Imports And Exports

Our approach to business law covers all angles. We are thorough and focused on getting you the information you need to make the right decisions in your international and domestic shipping deals. Contact our Saline, Michigan, office today for a free initial consultation with a lawyer and learn more about how our experience will work for you. Our number is 734-887-6497, and we can also be reached by email.