Helping You Avoid Penalties for Noncompliance

Every business has its own duties to fulfill in regard to complying with government standards and regulation. Ensuring that your business is on the right track to avoid penalties and interference is your primary concern. Our law firm, R.D. Brown, PLC, has decades of experience assisting clients in all aspects of conforming to regulatory expectations.

Attorney Russell Brown is a former military officer and judge advocate. His personal experience working within the military gives him a unique perspective on the inner workings of government agencies. Under his guidance, our firm's focus is on bringing high standards of service to our clients.

High Standards And High Expectations

You have high expectations for your legal team when it comes to managing your needs with government regulation. We have the experience you need to guide you through government compliance issues, including federal contracting. Whether it is a construction project or software development, government contracts can come with many complications that we will break down for you. Examples of our work include:

  • Defense industry: We will advise you on the regulations surrounding classified defense projects, defense secrets and international traffic in arms regulations (ITARS).
  • Health and Human Services (HHS): Our firm can help with procurement for medical research projects and government accounting of projects.
  • Imports and exports: Crossing borders means understanding tariffs and restrictions in multiple countries, and we have the experience you want on your side.

Our experience working with government organizations on behalf of our clients has led to a strong understanding of compliance practices. Additionally, our efforts have built us a reputation for a high level of client service.

Regulations Cannot Be Overlooked

R.D. Brown, PLC, has the strong business law track record you can trust to ensure that you will not be caught flatfooted during compliance checks. Ensuring that your company has the protection it requires is our highest priority. Contact our Saline, Michigan, office at 734-887-6497 or through our Contact page to schedule your free initial consultation with a lawyer. You can also reach us by filling out our online form.