Managing The Documents That Manage Your Business

Attorney Russell "Russ" D. Brown, Esq., is the experienced general counsel your business needs for complying with Michigan business law. He focuses on business contract law and agreements such as mergers and acquisitions, employment agreements, intellectual property agreements and business operation agreements. Additionally, attorney Russell D. Brown is highly skilled and ready to help you handle complex federal, state and municipal government contracting, including federal acquisition regulations (FAR), import and export compliance, and procurement and contract compliance.

Protecting Your Dreams

Our boutique firm only does business and commercial law. Our goal is to do our best to make sure that our clients are always prepared. We enjoy the complexity of business transactions and representing clients in commercial litigation. Entrepreneurs and business people know that as an attorney, Russ strives to help them build their businesses and protect their dreams. We welcome your business and contract law inquiries at any time.

Starting A Business

Starting up a business in Michigan may not be as simple as it appears. It is vital to cover every possible potential problem before any disputes arise with business agreements and contracts. When you have our law firm representing you at all stages of your business, you can have confidence that our focus on being prepared will target future problems with the intent to reduce or eliminate them.

Call Our Law Firm Today

Our law firm offers friendly and professional client care with a focus on the small details that can cause trouble for business owners. Attorney Russell D. Brown works with many satisfied clients in Michigan and around the world. If you own a small or medium-sized business, Russell is ready to help you handle legal issues in confidence. He is ready to meet with you anytime, anywhere, to discuss your business legal affairs. He is highly respected by his peers and clients. Call for your initial consultation today at 734-887-6497 or send us an email.