Creating A Sustainable Business

If you are the owner of a business of any size, you need the services of an attorney experienced in business and commercial law. From the day you open your door for business until the day you pass the business onto the next generation, there are legal issues that must be dealt with.

Consulting with our business attorney, who is highly experienced in commercial law, can help prevent litigation. If business litigation is required, you will already have someone on your side who knows your business and is well-versed in applicable state and federal laws.

Here are just a few areas that a business lawyer can assist you with concerning business and commercial law.

Business Structure

Your business can be structured in many ways. It is important to choose a structure that works best for your type of business and that will protect your personal assets from business litigation. For example, here is a sampling of possible business structures:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability corporation
  • Various corporate structures
  • Franchise

Our Michigan business law firm will help you understand the legal requirements of the state for structuring your business as well as what documents may need to be publicly filed.

Buying And Running A New Franchise

If you are considering a franchise operation, you will need an attorney who is experienced in franchise law, franchisee law and business operations. Franchise agreements, even for smaller or simpler franchises, can be complicated, and you should always have an experienced franchise attorney review the documents before you close on the deal. When you purchase a franchise, you are the franchisee and must follow the terms and conditions of the franchiser. These may include:

  • Ordering certain products and wearing a uniform for a retail outlet
  • Purchasing inventory and following recipes
  • How much you must pay for using the name

If you are a franchiser and need franchise agreements drafted, attorney Brown will help you draft the appropriate documents to protect your business and to ensure that each franchisee is bound by terms and conditions that are the same for all of your stores.


Businesses depend on contracts to function. Examples include:

  • Real estate and leasing contracts for the location of the business
  • Employment contracts defining the duties of employees and employers and possibly containing noncompete or nondisclosure clauses
  • Partnership agreements, including buy-sell agreements
  • Contracts for buying and selling goods and/or services

Business And Commercial Litigation

No matter how carefully business contracts are formed or how carefully a business is structured, there may come a time when your business is involved in litigation. You want an experienced advocate on your side who knows all aspects of litigation, including arbitration, mediation, negotiation and mini-trials. If all attempts at pretrial resolution fail, you want an experienced litigator representing you in court. Contact our Saline, Michigan, office for assistance with all aspects of your business law needs. Call 734-887-6497 or email us for more information.